U+2 Panel Bulk Bag HU-8

short description:

Feature: water-proof, leak-proof, dust-proof
UV treated: common standard ,long time standard.
Packing: pallet/bale
Advantage: save cost, high resistance, convenience for packing

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1with UV ( 2% )TREATED IN BAG  white color

1000kgs bag  safety factor : 5:1
1 body 100% virgin PP 1400D 14*14 un coated 90x90x160cm 1
2 bottom 100% virgin PP 1400D 14*14 un coated W=90cm L=90cm 1
3 top spout 100% virgin PP 1000D 12*12  coated φ45*45cm 1
4 tie belt PP, L=120cm 1
5 lifting belt 100% virgin PP 3500D W= 7cm 4
6 bottom spout 100% virgin PP 1000D 12*12  coated φ45*45cm 1
2 7cm wide  lifting belt  white  full sewing lifting belt
ULS160 90x90x160cm
SWL 1000kg
Packing Pallet or bales
qty pcs
Making method: U type,top dufflebottom spout   ,lifting belt on the body and bottom is 110cm, over-locking sewing,white color, UV treated




bag   information
Name U+2 Panel Bulk Bag HU-8
Dimension 90*90*160cm
loading capacity 1500kg
Safety ratio  5:1
Color white/beige
Denier 1500D
Density 13*14/14*14
fabric type 4 panel/ U +2panel
Top  common spout/ star colose spout
Bottom single spout/ pajama spout/ star close  spout
Belt 4 side seam
documents A4 common zip lock at middle
label yes
UV treated common/ 1 month/ 2month /3month
PE liner NO/yes-tubular type/
Feature water-proof /leak proof/ dust-proof  /ventilated
Sewing:  common stitich +over lock sewing+doube clain /
Making method making method: U +2, lifting belt on the body is 110cm,,  topfilling spout, bottom   charge spout,  1 document, over locking sewing,   UV treated

First, the characteristics of FIBC bags
1, in the structure has enough strength, loading, unloading is easy to operate, adapt to mechanized loading and unloading, rather than manual operation. Operators use cranes or forklifts to move goods, improving work efficiency.


3application 4production 6certificate 8packing

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