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1000kg baffle bag info
1 body 100% virgin PP 170gsm,uncoated 90x90x130cm 1
2 bottom same to the body W=90cm L=90cm 1
3 top spout PP 80g/㎡,coated Φ40x45cm 1
4 tie belt PP, L=120cm 1
5 lifting belt PP,3000D,uncoated W= 5cm 4
6 bottom spout PP 80g/㎡,coated Φ40x45cm 1
7 cover PP 80g/㎡,coated W=90cm L=90cm 1
8 doc PE 200micron zip lock A4 4
1 with UV ( 3% )TREATED IN BAG  white color
2 5cm wide  lifting belt  white  full sewing lifting belt
HB21 90x90x130cm
SWL 1000kg
Packing Pallet
40NOR PCS by 40HQ:
making method: U+2 or 4 patch/4 baffle, top filling spout, bottom charge spout, four lifting blet height is 30cm, on the body sewing is 90cm, 4 documents, baffle point sewing break-proof cordel, over locking sewing, UV treated



bag   information
Name Q Bag Baffle Bag HB-21
Dimension 90x90x130cm
loading capacity 1000kg
Safety ratio  5:1 6:1
Color white
Denier 1400D
Density 13*14/14*14
fabric type 4 patch/ U +2 panel
Top common spout/ star colose spout
Bottom single spout/ pajama spout/ star close  spout
Belt 4 side seam
reinforcement loop 1 pc
documents A4 common
label yes
UV treated  1 month/ 2month /3month
PE liner NO
Feature water-proof /leak proof/ dust-proof
Sewing: common stitich /common stitich +over lock sewing
Making method making method: U panel +2panel+4 baffle,, lifting belt on the body is 90cm,top filling spout, bottom  fcharge spout,  2 documents, over locking sewing,    baffle point sewing break-proof cordel, over locking sewing,UV treated
usage grain,rice,corn,wheat,flour,soybean,salt,sugar,fish meal,copper ore,iron ore,gold ore,silver ore,aluminium ore, chemical and transportation, agriculture and so on.
Advantage 1. Price:
Our price is very competitive, because we have large production capacity, so could reduce the product cost.
We keep large quantities material at stock, so the price is stable for long time.
2. Profession:
We do PP bag business more than 16 years old, and beyond 1000kinds of different bags in the world, we have special design team could make the excellent design according to your requirement. So the price is competitive under excellent quality.
3. Quality control
For the bag clear:
We have a set strict control method confirm all the parts of the bag are clear for you.
For the testing:
Our quality control is very strict, we do the testing 100% ratio, we have more testing worker and do the testing each piece carefully. We could provide safety factor 5:1 certificate by free if customer need.
4. Delivery:
Our factory has large production capacity, could do fast delivery at the normal condition.

Tubular baffle bag is designed to maintain square shape after filling for maximum use of shipping and storage space. This bag is stable and stackable, and is ideal for products with low bulk densities. It is also an excellent choose for 20-25% space save than the normal bags. The inner baffles use coated or uncoated fabric sewn across each corner of the 4 panels. The normal width is 55cm, the height is 20cm off the body height. The baffles can also be chosen double coated which help to prevent pollution. This design is used in both 4-panel and U-panel bags.


3application 4production 6certificate 8packing

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