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Color: white, red, black, any color as your requirement.
Color file: max 2S/8C
Weave: 9×9, 10×10, 12×12 as your requirement
Fabric weight: from 70gsm to 150gsm

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PP woven bag
Details information:
Material: 100% virgin material PP
Width: from 30cm to 100cm
Length: as your requirement
Top: wave cutting, hemmed, ultrasonic wave,
Bottom: single fold/ single or double sewing, double fold/ single sewing
Denier: 700D to 1000D
Weave: 9×9, 10×10, 12×12 as your requirement
Fabric weight: from 45gsm to 150gsm
Waterproof: laminated or PE liner in it
Usage: sand, sugar, seafood, fertilizer, cement, etc.
Feature: UV treated water-proof, leak-proof, dust-proof
Advantage: competitive price, high quality, convenience for packing goods

Brand Name



100% virgin PP


White, red, yellow blue blank green or as Customized Color


Heat Cut, cold cut,  wave cut or hemmed


a. Single fold and single stitched
b. Double fold and single stitched
c. Double fold and double stitched




PP polypropylene woven  bag


40gsm- 140gsm


9×9,10×10,12×12 as your requirement


UV treated, water-proof, leak-proof, dust-proof


1. Coating& Plain bags: Max. 5colors

2. BOPP film bags: Max. 10 colors

Surface Dealing

Anti-slip or plain or laminated/Coated


Packing rice, flour, wheat, grain, feed, fertilizer, walnut, potato, sugar, almond, sand, cement, seeds, etc


Competitive price ,high quality, convenience for packing goods

Color printing (BOPP) woven bag is also known as the snake bag, the raw material is generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic raw materials, is a kind of plastic, and non-toxic and tasteless, harm to the human body is generally small, although it is made by a variety of chemical plastic, but its environmental protection is strong, and the recovery is large. In the modern industrial environment, various industries are regionalized, so remote transportation has become a common phenomenon, manufacturers also need packaging materials such as woven bags to ensure that the product is not damaged in the process of transportation, to provide the best product sales quality.
1, color printing woven bag material is polypropylene PP.
2. It is mainly used in rice, feed, fertilizer and other industries.
3, Specifications: 30cm-75cm wide, can be folded M edge, length unlimited, color printing, laminating or ordinary printing.
4, performance and advantages: with the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance, beautiful appearance.
5, raw material composition: polypropylene PP, OPP color printing film, aluminum film and other materials.
What are the benefits of our common woven bags?
First of all, from the production point of view, as in this mature production technology, people will find it is becoming more and more simple production technology, using the production technology and production of raw materials is also very simple, the production cost of synthetic convenience for the entire product obtained the very good control, also let this kind of product after entering the sales market has a very low price, This improves the cost performance of the product packaging, which is one of the benefits of woven bags.
Secondly, from the point of view of use, no matter what kind of plastic woven bags we use at present, the specific material how, the weight of the packaging itself is relatively light, suitable for many products packaging, at the same time, such packaging can also be recycled. The packaging of most of the products we see at present also has a good durability and is not easy to damage. In this way, the loss generated in the process of use will be reduced.

woven bag detail   (1) woven bag detail   (2) woven bag detail   (3) woven bag detail   (4) woven bag detail   (5) woven bag detail   (6) woven bag detail   (7) woven bag detail  (9) woven bag detail (10)

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